Bella Derma Life Spa offers an array of highly effective skin care, cosmetic, stress relieving lifestyle therapies and products. Click the “ready for results” button below to see the full menu, with prices and descriptions of our therapies via our virtual receptionist. 

The virtual receptionist allows you to schedule precisely the appointment time and service that works for you. No waiting for a call back. You can even be notified of cancellations immediately when you request to be put on the wait list. I hope you enjoy the streamlined, booking approach which also gives you direct access to Founder and CEO/Medical Aesthetician, Melissa Rushing.

Body Treatments

Back Therapy | 122-182

Experience heaven on Earth! Relaxing scalp, back and foot massage while using the same warm steam, deep pore cleansing and exfoliation we use on the face. 60 min

The 90 minute back therapy includes massage of the face and decollete! 90 min

Mud Wrap | 152

Exfoliate, open the pores, stimulate circulation, detoxify, and tone and tighten the skin. The finest mineral rich mud is used to open pores and draw out toxins in the skin. It is legendary for its powerful therapeutic properties. This body wrap helps nourish the body while minimizing the effects of fatigue and stress.

Reflexology | 78

An ancient form of natural healing practiced by massaging specific reflex areas of the feet. Based on the principle that every part of the body is connected to the soles of the feet, the stimulation of these reflex connections brings soothing relief which rejuvenates the whole body. This is a pressure point style massage. (If you prefer a “flowy” foot massage, then you might like our Back Facial Therapy instead. ) 30 min

Reiki Therapy | 132

For the ultimate in stress relief and rejuvenation! A thousand-year-old Eastern healing treatment and powerful non-intrusive tool for health and longevity. Reiki is a form of “calming touch” in which the practitioner works to restore your energy centers (chakras) to their most natural state. This process helps to restore and strengthen the whole system for wellness. Great for anyone seeking relief from ailments such as stress, physical pain, anxiety, arthritis, depression and fibromyalgia.

Salt Scrub Treatment | 108

Slightly more aggressive than the Sugar Glow, this luxurious full body deep exfoliation treatment uses coarsely crushed food grade salt and oils to slough away dead skin cells leaving your skin hydrated and soft. Your skin is brought back to health and radiance – silky smooth and glowing.

Seaweed Wrap | 158

Seaweed is known for its ability to stimulate the lymphatic system and eliminate trapped toxins that are released through the kidney and bladder.

Sugar Glow Treatment | 108

This luxurious full body gentle exfoliation treatment uses finely crushed food grade sugar and oils to soothe away dead skin cells leaving your skin hydrated and soft. Your skin is brought back to health and radiance – silky smooth and glowing.

Corrective Treatments

Face Lift Therapy (Non-Surgical) | 132

Revolutionary non-surgical technique based on Ayurvedic medicine slows down the ageing process, irons out wrinkles, tones tired skin. Results in one treatment! Optimal results when done weekly for 6 weeks. Leaves you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Microdermabrasion Treatment | 122

A noninvasive procedure using a highly controlled spray of crystallized salt. This process gently removes the outer layer of skin and provides a deep exfoliation that aids in the stimulation and production of collagen. To complete the treatment, we apply a soothing masque followed with a relaxing massage. Perfect for fine lines, hormonal breakouts, acne, skin discoloration, “anti-aging” and even for sensitive skin.

MicroFacial™ | 168.00

The perfect balance between results and relaxation. A deep pore cleansing and skin resurfacing facial including warm steam followed with an Microdermabrasion. Then a mineral infused healing masque to calm and balance the skin. Completed with soothing away tension by massaging of the face and décolleté. You will emerge from the facial with clean glowing skin.

MicroZap™ Treatment (Entire Face) | 300

Effectively treats a variety of superficial minor skin irregularities™. Radio, high frequency technology. Non-invasive and precise with instantaneous results!

MicroZap™ Treatment (Face & Neck) | 350

Effectively treats a variety of superficial minor skin irregularities™. Radio, high frequency technology. Non-invasive and precise with instantaneous results.

Plant Acid Chemical Peel (Mild – Deep) | 178 – 325

We custom blend several natural acids such as salicylic, lactic, glycolic, retinoic, kojic and tartaric acids. By mixing different “acidic cocktails,” we are able to give the widest variety of results. From very mild peeling, to very aggressive. Each cocktail is personalized for your desired results. This treatment exfoliates skin cells to clarify, refine and tighten the skin.

Hair Removal

Arm Wax – Full | 82

Arm Wax – Half | 52

Hair removal from shoulder to wrist.

Back Wax – Full | 82

Hair removal from the t-shirt line down to the waist. 

Back Wax (Partial) | 58

Hair removal that includes partial spot waxing on the back.

Chest Wax | 96

Hair removal from the collarbone down to the hips.

Chin Wax | 22

Hair removal from the root and leaves you skin smooth and hair-free.

Ear Waxing | 22

Hair removal from the full exterior of the ear to just inside the opening of the ear canal.

Eyebrow Restoration | 52

Want the best brows of your life!? No matter your age, it’s time to have the amazing shape that you’ve always dreamed of to frame those beautiful eyes! Includes a brow consult to explain exactly how your eyebrows should look, and go over a plan of action and realistic timeline to achieve desired results.

Eyebrows Wax | 26

Maintain the best brows of your life! No matter your age, it’s time to have the amazing shape that you’ve always dreamed of to frame those beautiful eyes!

Facial Hair Removal | 64

Hair is waxed and/or dermaplaned from forehead, cheeks, sideburns, lip, chin, and under the jawbone. Your Aesthetician will look at your skin and hair type and make the best recommendation. Please note that Eyebrow Wax is a separate service.

Lip Wax | 18

Hair removal from the sides, middle, and corners of the mouth.

Neck Wax | 18

Hair is removed from around the hairline and lower neck.

Underarms Wax | 42

Hair is removed from the armpits. Surprisingly, not as painful as you would think! Over time, this significantly reduces the thickness of the underarm hair.

Lash & Brow

Brow Lift (Non-surgical) | 98

Brow tint, lamination and shaping! Uplift the appearance of your brows with this eye popping combination of spa services. Helps to hold your brows in place!

Brow Tint | 26

Brows are tinted using a vegetable-based dye to make them darker and more defined.

Lash Tint | 36

Natural lashes are tinted using a vegetable-based dye to make them darker and more defined.


Event Lashes – Full Set | 26

Lashes are applied to the top lash line only, from the outer corner of the eye to the inner corner creating a more dramatic look to compliment any makeover.

Event Makeup Application | 100

Makeup application that lasts all day and night to be photo ready no matter what the occasion! Melissa is a Makeup Artist who has done makeovers for the Victoria Secret Fashion show in New York, as well as red carpet events in Los Angeles. 

Makeup Lesson | 92

Everyday makeup that can be applied in under ten minutes! We match your shade flawlessly. Our minerals look very natural on all skin types. Effectively minimizes the appearance of acne, fine lines, large pores, scars, pigmentation and many other skin issues. Melissa will teach you makeup techniques and how to apply mineral cosmetics that enhance your specific facial features and skin tones.

Skin Care

Anti-Acne Treatment Facial | 122

A deeply purifying facial that kills bacteria, relieves inflammation and increases circulation to aid in healing; with steam and exfoliation of dull skin. Professional extractions of any congestion to allow the pores to breathe. Followed with a vitamin infused masque and a relaxing massage of the face and décolleté.

Anti-Aging Facial | 122

This treatment is designed to help firm, smooth, nourish, minimize fine lines and regenerate the skin.

Cell Renewal Facial Treatment | 122

Infuse your skin with nothing but organic, anti-aging goodness! Using highly concentrated serums to smooth and even out the skin, deep cleanse, hydrate and exfoliated tired or blemished skin. Using only the purest of organic ingredients from Intelligent Nutrients, we transform your skin in the healthiest way possible.

Gentleman’s Facial | 110

Great for Men’s skin care needs…deep pore cleansing, toning, exfoliation, and hydrating treatment with extractions, leaves you feeling refreshed, relaxed, and improves your overall skin tone.

Hydrating Facial | 110

Experience the ultimate in relaxation. A customized facial with deep pore cleansing that gently exfoliates and cleans away any build up, while the skin is purifying from the warm steam. Then followed with a luxurious massage that will melt away facial and shoulder tension. Your skin care therapist will determine the proper combination of products that will invigorate the senses while leaving your skin hydrated and glowing.

Sensitive Skin Facial | 122

Ideal for sensitive and very reactive skin types. Great for those who are prone to contact dermatitis and cannot use many products without experiencing a negative reaction on the skin. This facial does not include steam, as to not cause over stimulation. The warm facial towels are followed with cool towels to calm and lock in moisture.


Sinus & Ear Therapy (Ear Candling) | 82

This is a gentle, ancient old therapy to soften the plugs of wax for removal. Benefits are better hearing and reduced sinus pressure. Exceptionally relaxing.